POEM: Psycho Sux

Psycho Sux

Oh beautiful plants of lore,
I passed out at the door,
Forgive me to blink,
Mom’s at the sink,
Feelings of hell on the floor.

Psychosis sux.

Poem by me

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POEM: i hate you


i hate you,
let me count the ways,
get off of my face,
stop telling me what to do,
i am myself,
you are not me,
stop telling me stories,
stop forcing me to listen,
stop listening to me too,
stop touching my stuff,
don’t touch my STUFF,
stuff stop talking lies,
nonsense and sense and nonsense,
sense of my life is gone,
stop wasting my time,
stop wasting my energy,
stealing my life,
stealing my time,
killing my good thoughts,
killing my sweet thinkings,
destroying good times,
destroying relationships,
forgiveness not shoved,
get off of my soul,
your body is not mine either,
your today is not my today,
you are not invited to my party,
stop spinning my brain,
stop twisting my face,
who are you to dwell on my body,
who are you and why do I have to care,
stop lying again,
lies from your mouth,
discernment of good things is better,
voices go to dungeons with crumpets,
stop forcing me to listen to darkness,
darkness goodbye,
light hello.


By: Nowelle

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POEM: Sweet NOT Sixteen

Sweet NOT Sixteen

Oh little girl who sleeps with my brother,
Did you have a party on your sweet sixteen?
If I cared then I would have to let you in,
While denying my own feelings of violation.

Oh little girl who chooses this wrong,
Did you go to college or do you wear a thong?
If I cared about your underwear, then I’d ask,
While wondering about this forced relationship with you.

Oh little girl of 30 or so,
Did you know that your age is not an excuse?
If you left today, It’d be too soon,
While I eat my favorite cookies you sexually process.

Oh little girl of which you are not,
Did you know that flesh of my loved one is now yours?
If you took it off, I’d be so glad,
While I love my brother, you’ve just been had.

Oh little boy of my genes and blood,
Did you do that again because that isn’t love!
If you went to church and met them for real,
While learning of faith and eating good meals.

Oh little boy when will you grow up?
Did you think a woman finds you just by luck?
If Satan had his way these subjects would lie even more,
While I know once again her disrespect and yours too.

Oh little children of 30’s and beyond,
Did God say this for no reason or just for fun?
If God said to not do it he surely had a reason,
While now I know it for real was not for this season.

Oh little self of sexual hisotry past,
Did I know these answers like I do now,
If only I could undo the past and redo my future,
While actually redoing my present as I lament.

Oh little regrets and little lies,
Did I agree to have you to satisfy my thighs?
If Mom would have taught us these facts and interests,
While we opened our hearts to God and good people.

Oh little world of mine but not,
Did I ask for your opinions about lust and men and such?
If you lie to me again, I’ll shout this even louder,
While I sit here and mourn for my brother and my mother.

Oh little media of which you are not,
Did you forget to tell us the reason for our interal angst?
If you tell me again that sex outside of marriage is cool,
While this fulfillment is not covering your vacancy!

Oh little president in which I should trust,
Did you not follow our God because you scare my wiser mind.
If you were my friend, I think you might hate me.
While telling me “I’m your leader” but denying my Creator.

Oh little enemy called Satan and demons,
Did you lie to me again and twist my thinking outward in?
If you were angelic and mighty then why the great fall?
While I trump you with faith, morality, and truth.

Oh little girls and little boys,
Did you think God was not watching from heaven above?
If You want to talk God then go right ahead,
While I’m writing please speak wholeness while I continue to acclimate to immorality once again!

Oh little immorality stop tellig me I’m wrong.
Did you ruin my life or am I severaly confused and deluded.
If you tell me that this truth is a joke,
While asserting that my toxic feelings are invalid again!

Oh little immoral behavior of next door.
Did you really think I care what you are doing?
If you kept it to yourself that’d be great,
While your behavior influences media, music, and others!

Oh little cat of Lily mine.
Did I notice you noticing this foulness that’s not mine?
If you learn this behavior I’d be very disappointed.
While we learn of healing, God, precious loving time.

Oh little mind why all the rhymes?
Did the sins of my ancestors open doors to cracked thoughts?
If cracked thoughts lead to crack pots them count me out!
While I’m thinking this is funny but not at all.

Oh little poem that is long with exhaustions.
Did immorality play a part in my sufferings?
If God helps then I can feel my feelings and think my thoughts.
While the immoral and ungodly behavior of others pains me.

Oh little not wife and not sister-in-law of not mine!!
Did that flesh come with a price because I’m paying for sure!
If my care is deep then it’s because you are wearing my brother!
While God helped this confusion so thankful to Him.

Oh little less confused self and personality and feelings?
Did I know that’s why I hate her and him too also!
If I have meet her the feelings will be forced!
While these choices are now apparently stealing greatly!

Oh little one flesh relationships x 20? 30? 40? 50??
Did you teach us mothers and fathers about ourselves?
If I could do it again I wonder what they would say.
While they “chose” this for themselves our world still suffers.

Nowelle (c)

Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen
by michelle w. on January 20, 2014
Write a post inspired by your sixteenth birthday.


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POEM: Darkness Exposed by God’s Light


Moving isn’t always easy.
Big cities I can be alone.
People pretending they don’t see me.
Being noticed while being at home.
Confusion is my brain,
Wondering why my brother is appearing,
In my mind, body, and soul,
Brain please function without Satan’s help.

Living in this world can be strange,
Living in my body can be strange.
Darkness looming,
Darkness talking,
Darkness plotting,
Darkness going!

Brain going here and there,
Mind going elsewhere.
Mind connecting to body, soul, and spirit.
My mind. My body. My emotions. My life.
Liking to share. Need to be alone.
Darkness fleeing. Darkness needing. Darkness lies.

Up at the skies, upward there lies,
the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV),
the ruler of the kingdom of the air, (Ephesians 2:2 NIV)
not the creator of the sun, the moon, the stars,
the father of lies (John 8:44 NIV).

Wisdom indeed Jesus,
What You say is true to me,
When again I fell victim,
To another lie in Satan’s creed.

Perhaps too many to handle,
Perhaps too many for me to succeed,
How quickly he lies,
How quickly can I succeed?

“Legion” exclaimed the demon (Mark 5:9 NIV),
“Doomsday” told me by Him,
Hiding on my back,
Awaiting the next attack,
Telling of my stupidity, lack, and mal behavior,
While again thwarted by The Creator.

Thwarted by wise counsel,
Stating looking forward not behind,
Stating once again that He is in charge,
Not my will but Thine.

Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,
Okay God, shall You have Your way?
I know You know what is best,
But where do my desires get their way?

Do You actually know what’s best for me?
Do You really care for me to succeed?
Do You have me in mind for riches and wealth?
Without these I feel uneasy and not free.

Money being the root of all evil,
Holding riches in my left hand and honor too (Proverbs 3:16 NIV),
Long life in my right hand (Proverbs 3:16 NIV),
Reading the Bible is seeing me through.

Nowelle (c)

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POEM: Goo Goo’s Rainbows

Goo Goo’s Rainbows

“Rainbows… hanging from a tin roof”
red mentioned about suicide
orange popsicles, dreaming of a new life,
yellow sun while you stay inside
green with envy.. hanging from your flesh
blue is your heart.. seek God instead
indigo… a color in the rainbow
violet would I be if I ever married you!

You are broken,
I’m angry,
You’r stupid,
I’m wiser,
You dropped out,
Your money doesn’t fix things….

Your tin roof,
It’s richer,
You only, think you miss her,
When really your flesh had become oneee……
The Bible, it told me,
Please don’t dear, do that please,
Your flesh becomes one when you do that together…..

“I’ll be your crying shoulder”,
I’ll cry.. if you touch me again!
Why “loves suicide” because they don’t mix,
Are you angry, or burdened or hurt or abused,
Please run to Him and not to me ever again,
Please let Him just have it otherwise it’s havoc,
“Please me” I learned from this song…

Goo Goo… stop being sappy!
Please sing of songs that I like,
Your song says “romance is my lacking”
Your song says “You can fix me!”
You are broken, abandoned, hurt, and lacking,
Fixing me would be your cause.

Please move on, move forward, move past me, move quickly,
Usher those feet right to God…
He helps you, He wants you, He cares for you, and grows you,
If you want me for love I’ll find you there.
God… please. Tell this man what’s up!
Tin’s roofs are only romantic when your young,
Pay the rent, sing the song, build a strong house, make it loving,
Rainbows don’t fall from the sky.
Working hard, earning my keep, being a man of integrity,
So much more fulfilling then the fantasy of your song.

“Rainbows… hanging from a tin roof”
red dealt with anger equals empowered
orange of hatred turned to caring and understanding,
yellow perversion turns yellow like refreshing,
green with envy.. greed into wholeness
blue of depression.. seeking God turns liberation
indigo… changed from purple.. not primary therefore I’m confused
violet turn to purple because guess what I need Him too.

Nowelle (c)


I heard this song from the Goo Goo Dolls (I’ll Be Your Crying Shoulder) from my Mom’s radio this morning. As I grow a deeper relationship with God, and am learning things about myself, I think it’s interesting to hear what songs are actually saying about the singers and the topic at hand. I took his song and made a poem for it for the “Daily Prompt”.

“Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv
by michelle w. on January 7, 2014
Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word of image.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us COLORS.”


Thank you for reading my blog. I’d enjoy your feedback so please comment.

Rainbows are beautiful. Have a great day!


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Barbie House



Oh where art thou Barbie house,

I thought you could change my life,

Look at thou chandelier,

Without doth light shine.

Instead I opted for birthday party of yore,

Fourth grade pranks and funnies,

Haunting my memories like soup gone bad,

Giggling hallways and happy parents too.

Barbie house, barbie house,

What allure did you have?

Happy bedroom and beautiful dress,

Opted for people instead. 


Inspired by the writing prompt at: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/out-of-your-reach/

“Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child, during the holidays or on your birthday, but never received? Tell us about it.”


Nowelle (c)

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Not like an orgasam,
Or a spasm in my back,
Intense is what I feel,
When wicked innocent attack.

They seem so wise,
With beady and shifty dark eyes,
Thinking behind their shades,
Leaning on demons “deceit” or “rage”.

So gross to think,
That lying inside,
The darkness within us,
Lurks and it hides.

Voices I hear that condemn and accuse,
Focusing on my poem and insulting as I muse,
Thinking of the interest of the spiritual,
Intensity of the world in physical.

Intense is the word for what I have felt,
Learning that the dark world stole my joy of Mom’s patty melt,
Stealing my soul and stealing my time,
Thankfully I can still sing, write, and rhyme.

Intense this you freak attacks,
I will sing and dance while you remain out of wack,
Fighting hard and succeeding somewhow,
Faith, wise counsel, hardworking and furrowed brow.

Intense is the way that I feel,
Towards demons that lurk and they steal,
And those who follow their own lustful desires,
Unknowingly or knowingly landing me in the muck and the mire.

Your actions they speak loud,
Although you pretend that they don’t,
Degrading our soceity and pretending you won’t,
Asking me for help while you sinfully succeed.

Intense is the way that I feel,
Years of shame, selfishness, and greed,
People of contempt, rejection, and misunderstanding,
Standing in places like clean store bought candy.

Keep your yucky candy,
That you’ve washed in the grave,
I’ll buy that pure grace,
Which makes me so glad.

Intense is the way,
That I feel when I think God,
How could this happen to me,
What did I do that was so wrong?

You say to me “my dear, look here”,
The world it accuses, it sins, and condemns,
Satan, that liar, he is what was let in,
Ancestral murder, sexual sin, and other yucky candy.

God if You are love,
Why darkness so intense my life,
Resentful and angry and confused,
Having trouble now with this muse.

Gideon (c)

In response to the prompt located at: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/daily-prompt-intense/

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