About me

Hi. My name is Nowelle. I live in Northern California. I’m 37 years old. I have a cat named Lily. I enjoy writing poetry. I’ve been writing poetry since I was in college in the early 2000’s. Later on in my college career, I was part of a club called the English Honors Society. We studied and wrote poetry. Later, after college, I was part of a poetry writing group at a local Wellness Center.

Poetry is fun to write because it helps me express myself in a creative way. I enjoy rhyming and playing with words. I like to write comical poetry as well as heartfelt poetry.

I write poetry, enjoy speaking poetry,  and I sometimes read poetry too. I used to love Emily Dickinson when I was in college. I could relate to her loneliness and I enjoyed her strange way of speaking and explaining the world. I don’t really have a favorite poet at this time although I enjoyed learning about many different poets at the local Wellness Center I attended 2011-2013.

My poetic accomplishments are as follows:

  • I was published in an online blog called Medusa’s Kitchen found at http://www.medusaskitchen.blogspot.com/ .
  • A poem that I wrote was part of a theatrical production around 2010 at Quesada Gardens Film Festival preshow it was read by Elmira Johnson

I hope you enjoy my poetry. Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, constructive criticism or just a smile. 🙂

Thank you,



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