POEM: Me As An Adjective

Me As An Adjective

“Poetry by Nowelle”
The name of my blog.
Poetry a noun.
Nowelle a noun too.

Thinking that names,
Say more than we think,
A noun or an adjective,
Like dishes in a sink.

My name it implies,
I was born on this earth,
I hate doing dishes by the way,
Does my name imply that,
Describing my personality,
By letter placement locality?

There is a spiritual world,
It shows what we think,
But does it describe,
my current kitchen sink?

Do you hear that I’m tired,
That I lack my 2nd degree,
That my cat name Lily,
Said hello to me?

I can sometimes see hate,
Or education or interest,
Creativity or lack thereof,
I wonder sometimes if they are in love.

Writers and bloggers names,
The subject of this prompt,
Adjectives versus nouns,
Describing who I am.

Poetry it describes,
The way that I feel,
The thinks that I sense,
The state of my meal.

Did I have brocolli,
Junk food to boot,
Washing my plate,
Or just taking the loot.

Am I just rhyming,
Or does this make sense,
Living with Mom,
I need a big fence.

I hate doing dishes,
Pastrami well done,
Eating my sasuage,
At quarter to twelve.

Don’t bring up hell,
Let’s not go there now,
Subjects of life,
Describing where I am.

Poetry by Nowelle,
My blog of thinkful thoughts,
Thinking I’m hungry,
While understanding my food.

Analogy conspiracy,
Come to me little words,
Show my world,
Unwind this trapped bird.

If my name were described,
I’d have to twist it to say,
Nowellistic like fantastic,
or well wonderful and more.

Pieces of artwork,
Telling stories of life,
poetic justice in action,
Costing so small a price.

Outward again,
With subconscious within,
Relaying my feelings,
Thinking influencing my writing.

Poetry by Nowelle,
Admiting no adjectives,
Who said I’m to blame,
Oh dear and here we go again.

Did you know I have a sister,
In the placement of my words,
Did you see that she loved me,
But withdrawing in order to speak.

Speaking without talking,
Is strange and darkening,
Englightening would be weird,
When words suffice much better.

Poetry by Nowelle,
Says what it implies,
That I’m writing poetry,
I’m a chick named Nowelle.

So feel free to read the content,
It will stay like this for now,
Loving the simplicity of it,
The artform of poetry and me.

Nowelle (c)


This is written in response to the prompt at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/name-for-yourself/. I forgive that there is too much orange to concentrate and focus on the daily inspiration for life. 🙂


About Nowelle

I'm a 41 year old woman. I like many things such as my cat, my plants, my books, international and domestic travel, movies, poetry, thrift stores, and cute clothes.
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