Not like an orgasam,
Or a spasm in my back,
Intense is what I feel,
When wicked innocent attack.

They seem so wise,
With beady and shifty dark eyes,
Thinking behind their shades,
Leaning on demons “deceit” or “rage”.

So gross to think,
That lying inside,
The darkness within us,
Lurks and it hides.

Voices I hear that condemn and accuse,
Focusing on my poem and insulting as I muse,
Thinking of the interest of the spiritual,
Intensity of the world in physical.

Intense is the word for what I have felt,
Learning that the dark world stole my joy of Mom’s patty melt,
Stealing my soul and stealing my time,
Thankfully I can still sing, write, and rhyme.

Intense this you freak attacks,
I will sing and dance while you remain out of wack,
Fighting hard and succeeding somewhow,
Faith, wise counsel, hardworking and furrowed brow.

Intense is the way that I feel,
Towards demons that lurk and they steal,
And those who follow their own lustful desires,
Unknowingly or knowingly landing me in the muck and the mire.

Your actions they speak loud,
Although you pretend that they don’t,
Degrading our soceity and pretending you won’t,
Asking me for help while you sinfully succeed.

Intense is the way that I feel,
Years of shame, selfishness, and greed,
People of contempt, rejection, and misunderstanding,
Standing in places like clean store bought candy.

Keep your yucky candy,
That you’ve washed in the grave,
I’ll buy that pure grace,
Which makes me so glad.

Intense is the way,
That I feel when I think God,
How could this happen to me,
What did I do that was so wrong?

You say to me “my dear, look here”,
The world it accuses, it sins, and condemns,
Satan, that liar, he is what was let in,
Ancestral murder, sexual sin, and other yucky candy.

God if You are love,
Why darkness so intense my life,
Resentful and angry and confused,
Having trouble now with this muse.

Gideon (c)

In response to the prompt located at:


About Nowelle

I'm a 41 year old woman. I like many things such as my cat, my plants, my books, international and domestic travel, movies, poetry, thrift stores, and cute clothes.
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One Response to INTENSE

  1. Gideon says:

    I’m leaving my own comment.. testing testing… good job me! 🙂

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