Nature of Evil

Nature of Evil

Does wicked have wisdom or is it just so?
(Satan so cunning and I can’t wait for him to go.)
So, cunning is wise… or so it seems.
Cunning requires maneuvering, lying, deceit,
Turning to wickedness, cruelty, and mean.

Wicked has strategy so carefully planned,
Does it turn on you, when evil bites it’s feeders hand?
Evil is crafty as it hides in the dark,
Lurking to snuff out an innocent spark.

Sparks – they have hope… light, life, and love,
In the darkness I have trouble seeing,
So in the dark that spark is needed,
If wicked so wise, then where is it’s light?
Through stealing, lying, deceit then alright?

Without light there is bondage and slavery to the dark,
But even within the dark, a light can appear,
Showing the way for wicked to walk near,
Not to slaughter but to find their way,
Out of anguish.. out of shame,
Isn’t within wickedness more like the same?

Growing in wickedness and growing in fear,
Versus growing in beauty, friendship, and fun,
Evil may seem interesting or needed at times,
Resulting in destruction of family, foes, and friends,
Finding wisdom in evil because of the nature of good,
Or finding wisdom because the nature of evil?

Evil it twists, it turns, and it coils,
It destroys others and the self in the end,
Perhaps wisdom is gained by playing this life,
Sin starting in the Garden of Eden,
Eve eating the fruit before leaving Eden’s light.

“When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food,
and pleasing to the eye,
and also desirable for gaining wisdom,
she took some and ate it.” *

Is God saying that within wickedness is wisdom?
Is wickedness done in order to be wise?
Then why did 2/3 of the angels stay high,
And 1/3 of the angels went low.

Angels on high gain wisdom by fighting the wicked,
Demons gain wisdom by fighting God from beneath.
So my conclusion is that wisdom is gained by the fight,
Not that wickedness is wise.

Good versus evil, heaven versus hell.
Wisdom in wickedness because good pravils,
Like a spark of knowledge when two swords collide,
Gaining wisdom by clashing black into white.

(c) Nowelle

* Bible – Genesis 3:6


About Nowelle

I'm a 41 year old woman. I like many things such as my cat, my plants, my books, international and domestic travel, movies, poetry, thrift stores, and cute clothes.
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